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Nazareth — Church and Religion WordPress Theme

Nazareth — church and religion WordPress theme is a great solution for any contemporary Christian church website. In order for a church to be successful and attract new congregation, it’s important to go online. That’s why we’ve developed a church WordPress theme that helps you build a great representation of your organization online without having to develop a website from scratch.

Nazareth features a clean and modern look, essential for creating a positive impression and helping your visitors to feel at ease. Moreover, we’ve integrated a set of tools that is frequently used among church websites. Thus, you can display information about upcoming events and church meetings, showcase church timetable, etc. In fact, you can even collect donation payments online.

The theme is fully responsive and looks beautifully across modern devices and browsers. Installing Nazareth is easy as well. Thanks to our demo content importing tool, you can replicate our demo installation in a few clicks. You can also import only required components, such as certain pages or theme options, and leave the rest of the settings untouched. Nazareth includes a number of awesome features, let’s take a closer look at some of them.

The Only Donation Plugin You’ll Need


Collect donations online with ease! Nazareth is fully integrated with Give, a donation plugin that lets you receive online payments with 0% commission. Create an unlimited number of donation campaigns, set a fixed amount of donated options or a custom donation sum, etc.

Additionally, you can collect information about your donors and view all donation statistics. The Give plugin is one of the most popular donation systems for WordPress. Now you too can take advantage of its features, and use it successfully for your website.

Audio Sermons Always Available Online


Sometimes life stands in our way and we can’t visit a Sunday’s sermon. If you record your sermons, you can easily put them online so that everyone can have access to them no matter the circumstances. Publishing latest sermons on your website, especially adding transcripts, not only gives your visitors access to your content, but helps you gain more traffic to your site and grow your audience as well.

Schedule & Organize With The Events Calendar


Organizing events often? The Events Calendar would be a handy tool for you, then. We’ve added integration with the free version of this plugin so that you can create and display your church events easily. Add the name of the event, its organizer, date, and location where it takes place, and many other details. You can list all the upcoming events on your front page via a shortcode.

Church Timetable


Let your congregation be informed about your church schedule and weekly meetings. The integrated timetable lets you view all weekly events at a single glance. Since it is available on your website online 24/7, your visitors can always double check the date of an upcoming gathering.

Slider Revolution


You can easily turn your website into an inspirational canvas using the Slider Revolution plugin. Bundled with the theme, it lets you create stunning hero areas and slides. Use a variety of elements, such as paragraphs, buttons, geometric shapes, headings, etc., and animate them using a vast library of effects. Slider Revolution makes your website more engaging and helps you get your message across.

Elementor Page Builder — Customize Everything


Another advantage that Nazareth brings to the table is its integration with the Elementor page builder. Elementor is by far the most advanced tool for customizing websites in WordPress, and you can take full advantage of its features with Nazareth. Choose from a vast library of elements, which we’ve enhanced considerably with our own set of components. Elementor lets you preview your changes in real time and customize your website without any programming knowledge.

Header & Footer Builder


Header & Footer Builder is an essential tool that gives you full control over the header and footer areas of your website. We’ve included a collection of pre-built layouts, however, you can easily customize them or create your own.

Header and Footer Builder features the same list of elements you have in Elementor. This means you can create header and footer layouts in a similar fashion you create Elementor pages. You can also assign a specific header or footer to the whole website or an individual page.

Flexible Blog Layouts


Blogging is easy with Nazareth. Not only you can customize your blog page to a great extent thanks to a large number of theme options. Your blog is also compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin, which helps you rank higher on search engine results. Nazareth ensures that your content looks nice and is easy to read.

Wrapping Up

Nazareth is a beautiful church and religion WordPress theme that provides you with a rich toolset for creating a solid church website. The theme features donation functionality powered by Give. It also included the Events Calendar and Timetable, which are great for organizing and scheduling meetups, events, and weekly gatherings.

Powered by Elementor, Nazareth provides you with flexible page building capabilities. Being a natural extension to Elementor, Header & Footer Builder lets you take this page builder even further and create header and footer layouts with it. Additionally, this church and religion WordPress theme includes such premium bundled plugins as Slider Revolution and Essential Grid, which save you +$50 in total. Overall, Nazareth is a solid and beautiful solution for any modern church website. Get it and create an amazing church site today!

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