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GDPR — Minimal Theme Setup Guide

This article provides you with basic steps of making your theme GDPR compliant. The GDPR Framework The GDPR Framework  is the primary tool for making your website GDPR-compliant. It offers manual and automatic data download, export, anonymization and deletion, tracking and withdrawing consent, a privacy policy generator, and more. Setup Wizard …

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Submenu Layouts

Submenu Layouts are a special type of Layouts that enables you to create mega menus, or any kind of complex menus on your website. Basically, by creating a submenu Layout, you create content for one of your menu items. Creating a submenu Layout consists of 3 steps: Creating a new Layout by…

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Customizing Slider Revolution

The  Slider Revolution plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of sliders and set them anywhere you want on the page within the necessary widget. Check the following links for more information regarding the Slider Revolution functionality: Download sample sliders Slider usage Example and how-tos Layers creating guide How…

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How to Add a New Font

Adding a Google Font Go to Appearance > Customize > Typography > Load fonts. There, you need to specify 3 properties for your uploaded font: Font name - use the name of a preferred font from the  Google Fonts  directory, e.g.:  Font family - specify a fallback font family, which…

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