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Kargo — Logistics, Transportation, and Shipping Company WordPress Theme

logistics, transportation, and shipping company WordPress theme

Today we’d like to present to you Kargo, our new logistics, transportation, and shipping company WordPress theme. The theme features modern and bold design, as well as some unique and powerful features that help you create a stunning and functional logistics and transportation website.

Kargo is perfect for shipping companies and logistics websites. It does some heavy lifting when it comes to shipping cost estimate, and helps your visitors to evaluate the cost of shipping online, at the spot. The theme is easy to customize and adjust to your needs due to integration with some popular tools, as well as dozens of handy theme options. Thus, you can adjust the layout of your pages, add different header and footer areas, change look and feel of your site by playing around with typography and colors, and much more.

Kargo is super easy to install and setup since we’ve integrated an intuitive demo content importer. Now you can import only the parts of the demo content that is necessary for you or import the whole demo in a single click.

Let’s examine some of the awesome features that are available in Kargo.

Shipping Calculator & Shipping Cost Estimate


One of the main advantages of Kargo is that it is fully integrated with the Calculated Fields Form plugin. You can create forms with dynamically calculated fields and display their calculated values. Create both single and complex calculations, add/edit different field types using a visual form builder, and much more.


Kargo includes several ready-made forms with calculated fields, which you can further tailor to your preference. You can insert a form into any part of your website using a handy shortcode.


Calculated fields are great for letting your visitors know how much would a certain service cost. By evaluating the shipment cost automatically online, you benefit not only in customer retention rate but in decreasing the load on your support operators as well.

WPML & Multilingual Support


Shipment and logistics businesses can often require a multilingual website. Luckily, Kargo is fully translatable into any language and supports WPML, the most popular multilingual plugin for WordPress. In fact, we’ve demonstrated how it works and included a Spanish version of Kargo right on our demo. Go ahead and check it out to see for yourself.

Elementor Page Builder


Having an easy and code-free way of creating and customizing pages is crucial for any website owner. That’s why we’ve integrated Elementor, the leading page builder for WordPress that provides you with an intuitive and visual interface for constructing your pages like a pro. In addition to a standard collection of elements, the theme includes a large set of bespoke elements that give you even more freedom and flexibility.

Customizable Header & Footer Layouts


Just like with pages, having a customizable header and footer for your website is a must. Not only these areas hold important information such as working hours, contact details, useful links, etc. They can also help you with SEO if done right. Kargo includes Header & Footer Builder, a flexible tool for creating your headers and footers the same way you create pages with Elementor. You can assign a specific layout to a certain page or part of your website.

Beautiful Ready Made Inner Pages


The information on your website may take multiple forms. It can be images, text, button, and links that point to relevant parts of your site, your services, information about team members, and much more.


Kargo features a large number of pre-designed blocks and components that help you display required information the best way possible. You can use such elements as team members, services, tabs, accordions, text blocks, tables, and much more.


Since we’ve added a lot of pre-designed pages, there’s no need for you to figure out how to display your content from scratch. Simply use our pre-built layouts, fill them out with relevant content, delete unnecessary elements, and you’re ready to go.

Services & Offers


Since logistics and transportation are mostly service-based businesses, we’ve included several ways you can highlight them to your customers. Showcase your advantages over competitors, as well as distinctive features of your business using our pre-made blocks.


You can assign a specific color to each service, which makes it memorable and distinctive. Service layouts are great for structuring information for your customers and giving them a simplified and easy to grasp the overview of what you can do for them.

Clean and Modern Blog Layouts


If you want to publish the latest news and updates, press releases, or increase your search engine rankings by running a content marketing campaign, Kargo provides you with beautiful and customizable blog layouts. You can adjust the number of blog columns, the length of the post excerpt, position of sidebar, pagination, and many other settings. Make all the changes in real-time straight in the WordPress Customizer.

Wrapping Up

Kargo is a modern and beautiful logistics, transportation, and shipping company WordPress theme with an awesome touch of style and features relevant to any logistics company. WIth Kargo, you can display calculated fields forms on your website and provide an easy way to calculate shipping costs for your customers.

Kargo is flexible and easy to customize since it has Elementor as its main page builder, as well as a plethora of theme options and settings. A large number of pre-built forms, elements, blocks, and pages give you a great foundation on which you can build your website fast by simply replacing demo data with your own. Create a modern logistics and transportation website with Kargo!

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