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Food & Drink – an Innovative Restaurant WordPress Theme

Food & Drink – an Innovative Restaurant WordPress Theme

A Couple of weeks ago Axiomthemes proudly presented its new powerful project – Food & Drink, which is going to be a multi-skin website template for any site that is somehow connected to food industry. In this article we would like to talk about what makes this project special for us and our clients, as well as to give you a bit of a preview of what to expect in the nearest future.

This is not the first time we work with this niche. Our Tavern theme was quite a treat and found many fans among the users. This time, however, we decided to exceed expectations and leave the so-called comfort zone for the sake of experiment. Sophisticated and elegant, this theme is artfully designed to suit all types of restaurant business and still be appealing and functional.

The first important feature is its multipurpose and multi-skin structure. The Restaurant skin from Food & Drink collection is the pioneer that was already welcomed by the audience!

fancy restaurant website

But very soon you will be able to enjoy amazing Brewery and Bakery skins, as well as Café and some others that will be announced a bit later.

Restaurant theme comes with 6 Homepages, multiple unique layouts and powerful options. Another great feature is the Food Press plugin that helps composing nice menus and arrange products/dishes in different categories, or types. This plugin is a true savior for any chef that dreams of describing their culinary creations the way they deserve to be described and presented, even if it’s on the website.

our menu wordpress plugin

Your customers will be able to make reservations and shop for their favorite meals right online! We took care of every technical detail and integrated a Reservation form, as well as WooCommerce plugin that adds even more options to this site!

online food order template

And as you might have figured out now, it will not matter what type of restaurant you own – the structure is flexible to let your needs and creativity do its thing and make it work best for your site!

The Brewery skin is coming out next for true beer lovers, pub owners and breweries that sell beer. With only a few significant changes, this theme supports the same functions that help you build a user-friendly and appealing site with no hassle.

beer meat restaurant brewery

A delicious pub-style menu and beer selection that are presented via the awesome FoodPress plugin will not leave the visitors unimpressed!

beer selection blonde

And the last sweet treat is our favorite dessert skin Bakery. It was carefully designed for small and big bakeries, pastry blogs and candy stores, where the customers will be able to make reservations and order their favorite sweets right on the website for a later pickup or home delivery!

candy cupcake online store

Nice and cozy, Bakery is your little helper on creating a wonderful website for all type of businesses that have anything to do with sweets.

So, the tour around Food & Drink theme by Axiom team is over, but coming right after are the very new and great products for different types of niche and multipurpose sites. We hope you enjoyed these little teasers and will check the theme out!

Stay tuned for further updates.

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