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Coming Soon: HandMade Mariana Blog

Coming Soon: HandMade Mariana Blog

It is getting more difficult to hold it as a secret, but we are currently working on a very much special and delicate project called HandMade Blog. It is based on the previous version of Mariana, but is completely dedicated to creative minds that are into producing beautiful pieces of art, decorations, accessories, jewelry, pottery and basically anything that can be hand-made.

Blog themes are not a novelty in today’s market, but for our team it is a sort of an experiment, because creating blogs was something we would not do regularly. So, this little sneak peak is our excitement mixed with the desire to share the ideas with our followers.

Ladies and gents, here it is – the Beautiful Mariana HandMade:

art creative bloggers website

What we want to share with you is that this blog is designed and built on a new platform SimpleBlog, which was specifically chosen for these types of themes, as a special tool for the most effective work and functionality. About its features you will be able o find out when our Handmade Blog is ready for release.

Since this theme is dedicated to hand-made things, we’ve decided to make it suitable for e-commerce purposes. From now on the owner of the blog will be able to sell their creations and ideas online!

handmade shop accessories

It is convenient, because you won’t need to convert an e-store theme into a blog, if the primary goal is to have a blog with an e-commerce option. The theme will come with several Homepage layouts and styles, so you can choose how to customize it and make it perfect for your site.

Let us wrap up here in order not to give away too much. Follow us to be the first to see the blog live and working, ad of course to become an owner of this great theme!

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