A Small Anniversary of the Project of a Lifetime

There is an amazing reason for us to be this excited – AxiomThemes is celebrating 4 month anniversary these days! One would think that this is not a big deal and cannot even be called “anniversary”, but let us ask you this: Have you ever wanted something so bad that you couldn’t wait until you get a chance to start working on it? Have you seek all possible ways to let you creative mind work its way through the universe and serve people? Have you tried multiple times, over and over, until you saw that your creations are actually perfect, and moreover you get to receive all kinds of nice benefits for them? Well, Axiom Team has. During these 4 months we became Elite Authors at Envato! While we were not even expecting it, the amount of sales had increased up to almost 1,500… After such a nice surprise we were motivated to no limit.

We are a team of enthusiasts that have gathered to create. We build Premium WordPress themes and site templates that serve multiple users as safe platforms for different websites. Useful and versatile, our products are designed to make the users’ lives easier.

Our story begins long before the “4 months”. Two friends, fresh from the college, were getting anxious spending hot summer days in town. So, as you know, when you get plenty of time with zero plans, all these crazy little thoughts form in your head. Being designers, these guys wanted to do something big, using their talent combined with modern technologies and sans office boredom. Of course, that would be website templates developing! So, there it was – the goal.

Finding the dream didn’t make it all simpler though. We will skip the boring part about all the plans, strategies and conversations, but it is worth saying that the path was (and to be honest still is) rough. Later, after some major preparations and searches there were more than two designers. Bound by one dream, we started working. Like really working. And on March 5 of 2015 our first theme got accepted and approved by Envato. This was definitely a moment of pure extasy!

After that very first crucial step, an entire highway of possibilities, challenges and bumps has opened to us and we call it the Project of a Lifetime.

At Axiom we have figured a few simple rules that helped us at the beginning to feel more confident and soon to get the results were hoping for. If you are trying to figure out how to start or improve your work, here are they:

  • you have to love what you do;
  • always be creative;
  • find your plan (strategy);
  • think outside of the box;
  • every project should have an idea, a logic behind it;
  • innovations are actually appreciated;
  • treat your customers with respect and devotion;
  • treat your competitors with calm confidence;
  • treat your colleagues as brothers;
  • and, of course, never ever give up.


Pet Care – Grooming, Hotel, Hospital & Shop WordPress Theme

save the animals site

This is the theme that won us a place at one of the biggest and the most popular markets out there. It is dedicated to all pet lovers, owners and volunteers. With our Pet Care you can easily manage any aspect of the pet care process, from hospitals to stores etc. The theme is super flexible, customizable and feature-rich. It was designed with extra care, as well as nervousness mixed with excitement and stomach aches.



Kids Care – Multipurpose Children WordPress Theme

nursery school education teacher

After the Pets Care success we decided that it would be great to continue with the “care” and “cute” theme that would be a powerful tool for building a multipurpose educational, informative, user-friendly and modern site for kids, parents and teachers (nannies) etc. Kids Care was inspired by our own children, and basically the idea of it to give everyone the best theme and joyful experience from using it.

Demo | Download


m2 – Home Maintenance, Repair & Building WordPress Theme

contruction help repair houses

After the two cute themes it was time to build something manly, powerful and useful. And what could be more manly, powerful and useful than home maintenance? We thought a lot about the design of m2 and decided that it would have to be an absolutely modern, eye-catching and contain as many elements as possible, but only those that you really need to manage a successful site. For example, the theme is WooCommerce compatible. So, if you decide to go that route, you will have this awesome plugin already at your disposal.



BeautYou – Beauty, Hair & Spa Salon WordPress Theme

stylist studio hair care cosmetics

Okay, now we think that there is not enough beauty in this world, and that the beauty industry is in a desperate need of our beautiful theme BeautYou. It was designed based on all the requirements made by spa salons, hair studios, makeup artists and so on. First of all, it is ideal for listing services and articles, creating impressive galleries and simply advertising your company. We put multiple styles for the different sections and pages, as well as the most incredible and useful plugins to make it flexible and handy.



Mods – Clothes Shop and Modern Blog WordPress Theme

designer clothes website template

Mods is one of our best works among blogs and e-commerce themes. With its help users will be able to easily build wonderful fashion magazine, store, blog from scratch with minimum effort. It is trendy, flexible and includes multiple page styles. The possibilities of visualization are really endless. Try it for yourself.



Tavern – Pub, Restaurant & Brewery WordPress Theme

steak & beer pub restaurant

This delicious theme was designed with a special devotion to details. Who doesn’t like decent food and drink? That’s what we thought and built Tavern. With its help any website can attract many visitors and help your business become successful. The nice design was aimed specifically at pubs, breweries and home food restaurants. Your customers will be able to make reservation right online without having to wait to get your assistance with it.



SmartSEO – SEO & Marketing Services WordPress Theme

promotion wordpress theme

This smart theme came out because of the marketing and SEO issues that every agency (any agency) deals with daily. SmartSEO is created to become the user’s helper with marketing questions. It is SEO optimized, responsive, supports WooCommerce and other wonderful plugins. SmartSEO is a savior for those who like it simple, functional and professional.



Therapy – Health and Medical WordPress Theme

doctor dentist pediatrist site

If you think that the ones that you care about deserve only the best, you are right. That was what we thought and designed this amazing Therapy theme to show how important it is for medical centers that claim to provide professional medical help to have a professional and user-friendly website. With Therapy your patients will know how and where to reach you. Available is Appointment option for those who are not able to call or arrive prior seeing a doctor, as well as other vital components for a functionsl website.



Salon – Barbershop & Tattoo WordPress Theme

dark stylist site template

The design was inspired by today’s fashion trends. Salon can be used for hairdressers, stylists, tattoo salons and even fashion blogs. It comes in 2 versions: Light and Dark. The stylish layout allows experimenting with different forms, shapes, typography and let your creative ideas wander through the pages of this unique theme.



ProParty – Political WordPress Theme

campaign voting ratings theme

This political theme represents all our knowledge and professionalism that we tried to put in it. ProParty was created to help you build successful political campaigns with minimum time and effort. The theme is WPML compatible, meaning that it is multilingual, allows visitors to apply for appointments, create events and even use it as a platform for e-commerce wbsites.



Adviser – Finance & Accounting WordPress Theme

finance economic corporate website

This is another great business and accounting WordPress theme that can also be used for pretty much any type of corporate websites. What makes Advisor special is the availability of Lease Calculator. Let your clients get the necessary quotes right on the website. It will make your life easier and will prove that your company has a really great customer service.



Global Build – Construction WordPress Theme

remodeling builings wordpress

With Global Build we wanted to prove that we still know how to build first-class manly and powerful themes. So, this one is actually one of the most productive themes so far. It contains tons of amazing features and elements, among which is Quick Calculator. It is supposed to let the site visitors and regular clients get quotes on certain projects.


For now this was the last theme in our portfolio, but soon will be coming more. We hope that what we do matters to our customers as we would like to help them make the world of web a better place.

Thank you all for staying with us!