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Reasons Why Your Website Needs SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Fastback to early 1997, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was a concept at its becoming. Some history attributes the discovery to a certain man who was Jefferson Starship’s manager. He was upset that the music band’s official website wasn’t topping the searches. Jefferson was ranking on page 4 when it should be #1 on the first page, a report stated. Afterward, the term use became more popular, and today we have it on the lips of virtually every business owner.

SEO has become an intrinsic part of online businesses and local businesses alike. Reliable reports say 93% of internet users begin their online experiences with search engines. This stat only shows how much people trust search engines to answer their endless questions. As an online business, search engine optimization determines whether or not people get to see your websites. SEO is a marketing technique that can help people find you as a local business. Safari SEO Agency state that the site enjoying the top position on Google receives more than 45% of all organic clicks, so when done correctly SEO has the ability to drive leads and traffic in the local market.

With tons of requirements put in place by search engines, it might be challenging to keep up in the business world. Website owners now struggle to make the first page of the search engine result pages (SERP) using legit means or illegal means. Some online businesses patronize the SEO black hats, which might be dangerous for their presence and relevance in the long run.

As hard as ranking high on search engines seem, some websites are doing well without breaking the rules. How do they do it, you ask? To stay relevant in the search engines as business personnel, you can need a regular health check on your website — a form of analysis that helps you discover loopholes and help you to improve on them. In summary, what you need is an SEO Audit.

If you are looking to increase your business’ exposure, increase your revenue, and attract more customers to your website, then you need to audit your website. There are ways to go about this; you can either learn how to carry out an SEO Audit or entrust your site to experts who breathe, eat, and sleep SEO. Leading Search Engine Optimisation Experts recommend that website audits be done at least once every year. Below, we have compiled the reasons why a regular SEO audit is essential for your website after optimization.

Little or No Web Traffic

little traffic

It is not enough to have an online presence; you must keep working to ensure that your presence is relevance. If your site gets too little traffic from search engines and gets most of the traffic only from direct clicks and referrals, this is an alert that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you don’t fix this issue, you might never make a first-page ranking, and you will be missing out on the massive traffic that comes from SEO. You could be facing this issue because:

  • Your content is not optimized
  • You place no focus on keywords
  • Your website has a poor structure
  • Users have trouble loading your pages, and lots more.

You also can turn things around by getting massive traffic from organic search if you pay more attention to SEO. There are SEO audit service providers that are always willing to help you grow your website.

A Sudden Crash

A Sudden Crash

Now, let’s think about it this way. You are well aware of the importance of SEO, and you’ve spent money and time on keeping your webpage optimized for organic search. Everything is working well, and you get good traffic from relevant keywords. But, in a short time, you went from page one to page 4 or 5 on the SERP. Your rankings and traffic suddenly suffer a deep blow, and then you’re disturbed about what the problem was. This is a signal that you need an expert to run an audit on your website. You could learn to do it yourself, but using a professional SEO auditor allows you to benefit from their full stream of experience. An SEO expert diagnoses the problem and walks you through an implementation plan of restoring the lost organic traffic to the highest level.

Before we move on to the next reason why your web needs an SEO audit, some of the possible causes of a sudden drop in rankings are:

  • Unethical SEO Practices, such as using Black Hat Techniques
  • Obsolete Web Content
  • An update in the Search Engine Algorithm

Algorithm updates are the most common cause of a drastic reduction in organic traffic. This leads us to our next reason why your website needs an SEO audit service – a regular one at that.

Constant Search Engine Updates

Constant Search Engine Updates

Just like every other aspect of the world evolves, search engines are continually changing their rules and updating the algorithms to satisfy consumer needs. With the inevitably changing system, some practices which are considered best some five years ago might be detrimental to your web today. An example is keyword stuffing. It worked before the birth of Google Panda and the likes. So, if you don’t want redundancy in your business, it is best to get an SEO audit regularly to figure out what works or not.

SEO over Expensive PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are way expensive compared to how much you’ll need to hire an SEO expert. Comparing the results, as well, you get more value for your money and time with SEO. Search Engine Optimization can bring in 15 times more clicks than PPC ads. With SEO, you can have better chances of lead generation. All you need to expand your brand and create more awareness is excellent site content, SEO expertise, and enough time. A right combination of PPC and SEO can, however, give you better leverage than your competitors. See the following reason to know-how.

Winning the Competition

You need to place high importance on several aspects of SEO if you want to stay on top of your game as a website owner. You should know that you’re already falling behind your competitors when your website ranks lower than others in organic search. Your site might be gaining grounds in other channels, but know that the higher the organic traffic, the healthier the website.

Pay more attention to keywords, content, backlinks, and other essential aspects of SEO. Your keywords must relate to your web content, and the content should address its targeted audience.

In Summary

Now that you know the importance of having a professional website audit, find a reliable auditor who will perform extensive analysis on your site. Then, you’re on your way to bring back your website from the ashes.

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