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Finteza Analytics: A Comprehensive Analysis of Your Online Performance


Global web analytics is expected to reach around $5.6 million by 2024. The adoption of online tools to measure website and customer data is rising. Implementing website analytics tools in your tech stack is the need of the hour for all kinds of businesses. They show you how your website is performing with the visitors and offer insights into your customers’ behavior.

One such comprehensive analytical tool is Finteza, which helps collect, measure, and analyze your audience and website data to maximize your conversion rates. This article explains all about Finteza analytics and how to leverage it to optimize your business performance significantly. 

What is Finteza?

Finteza is a comprehensive analytical tool that effectively tracks and evaluates your website traffic, conversions, landing pages, and marketing campaigns. This tool also offers users to create, launch and analyze marketing campaigns by closely tracking and leveraging their existing website data.

The software integrates with top CMS systems, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop, Shopware, OpenCart, 3DCart, and BigCommerce.

How to Leverage Finteza Analytics To Optimize Your Company’s Performance

Here are the top features of Finteza analytics for better online performance of your business:

1. Traffic Evaluation

With Finteza’s traffic analytics, you can track and evaluate real-time website traffic and, at the same time, identify bot traffic. It monitors and automatically segregates traffic from various sources, including context, SE traffic, e-mail, CPA, banners, referral links, social media, mass media, and re-targeting. 

Based on this detailed traffic analysis, you can quickly determine which sources are most effective and which are not worth wasting effort on, as shown in the image below.

Their accurate traffic analytics provides marketers and data analysts with incoming traffic breakdown without data sampling and extrapolation techniques. Finteza’s analytical tools measure the quality of your audiences using its UTM tracking at all stages. This helps identify botnet and complex audience behaviors by detecting over 12 types of bad traffic from each traffic channel using mobile and desktop. Not only this, Finteza’s system sends real-time notifications of any suspicious activity on your website.

This fraud and bot traffic analysis reveals the beginning and end of fraud sessions on your website as displayed in the image below based on the visitors, page views, events, and sessions. This fraud analysis of Finteza helps eliminate the chances of partners using forged or confusing traffic reports. 

2. Optimized Advertising

Finteza’s robust campaign analytics allows you to track visitor data in 10 comprehensive reports that ensure effective and efficient targeting for marketing acts. Its strong marketing analytics engine allows you to compare conversions in the app as well as the website. They track the efficiency of launching your advertising materials and improve the overall sales funnel stages. Finteza advertising and analytic engine allow web admins to monetize their resources and generate leads by creating ads and optimizing them to the best. Using Finteza, you can launch banner ads, landing pages, and graphics, keeping your target audience in mind with the help of a single interface that significantly increases traffic, revenue, and leads. Finteza analytics works best to improve your ROI.

Finteza provides ad bypassing AdBlock services to improve impressions of a business’ impressions by up to 50%. They solve the ad blocker problems by prompting you to surpass adblock, adguard, and more such restrictions to acquire as many leads as possible. In this, Finteza leverages the data between visitors and services proxied through a website to get it unblocked by browsers. This leads to generating high-quality leads, maximizing clicks, improving traffic, and increasing CTR by generating impression shares for your ad banners, further improving sales.

Advertising engine stats – Finteza

Their campaign analytics engine is free from being blacklisted by providers and ad blockers. Other than bypassing ad blockers and managing campaigns, it is essential to check that all the ad campaign messages are displayed in an optimized manner irrespective of the browsers, devices, and screen resolutions for efficient targeting and retargeting. To create your ad campaigns, Finteza supports all kinds of teasers, banners, pop-unders, click-under, text materials, sliders, and landing pages to support your conversion goals and CTR.

Finteza is a comprehensive analytical tool that effectively tracks and evaluates your website traffic, conversions, landing pages, and marketing campaigns.

As shown in the above image, you can choose from a wide range of ad formats and sizes for both desktop and mobile, ranging from HTML 5, animated GIFs, jpg, text, and even a link. Finteza allows you to create ads using ready-made materials or even create your own and get them directly in your personal account. All you need to do is upload an image and write a caption, and Finteza will create eight desktop and two mobile banners. Not just this, Finteza’s advanced analytics engine assists multi-platform attribution for a better revenue reach.

3. Conversion Evaluation

A conversion funnel is an analytical tool that helps you identify weaklings in your overall sales system. It also considers the points where visitors leave your website and what potential your website holds to improve your online performance. Finteza helps to optimize your website conversion rates in just one day. It creates a funnel across all your web pages, explores visitor behavior from various traffic sources, and finds weak points of a website. 

It creates analytics reports using over 15 criteria to analyze your target audience’s behavior. Using Finteza analytics, you can easily see the number of times a potential customer visited your website without making a click. This conversion data is represented digitally as a base to create the conversion funnel. This helps track all the actions a visitor performs on your website before purchasing and receiving a sales funnel.

Sales funnel report of Finteza

It even builds histograms to visualize conversion events. Finteza lets you delete and build various stages simultaneously, generate funnels automatically, and collect data in a detailed form. Finteza’s conversion funnel is helpful for marketing specialists, analysts, webmasters, traffic managers, and arbitrage specialists.

Finteza’s Analytical Tool For Webmasters

Finteza offers all the tools for webmasters in a single interface that allows real-time website monitoring and accurate error tracking. The application areas of the Finteza tool for webmasters include article directories, forums and blogs, aggregators, mass media, arbitrage projects, online stores, company sites, and online services.

It has extensive data monitoring and analyzing tools for web admins that can identify errors, detect bot traffic, track visitor statistics, configure re-targeting, and operate with advertisers by integrating over 50CMSs and SDK support.

Its real-time data monitoring software allows webmasters to select any traffic with a simple click and evaluate it using 15+ perspectives, including geo-locations, devices, conversions, and user agents.

Webmasters can also identify various site errors, including 400, 403, 404, and 500, using Finteza analytics. It also helps web admins determine the exact reasons for the issues while tracking the audience segment for the occurring error.

This helps webmasters to respond and solve issues as soon as possible. Finteza’s tracker code does not load the resource because of its distributed service architecture. It ensures the best script download speed that refrains from slowing down your website.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key advantages of Finteza analytics:

  • Evaluates accurate data without extrapolation, carried out on a small sample.
  • Calculates and improves the page loading speed.
  • Data analysis is done without any delays in real time.
  • Create conversion funnels and identify money-losing stages.
  • Displays ads on various websites to users who have opted for ad blockers.
  • Compares conversions and tests various page options.
  • Manage to target and retarget to improve sales margins.
  • Automates traffic grouping by type and measures traffic quality.

Here are the marketing tools used by Finteza analytics:

  • Traffic is segmented based on source and UTM codes.
  • Analyzer and tracker to evaluate visitors’ online behavior.
  • Convenient advertising management displays targeted banners and landing pages in resources.


Finteza’s services are segregated into two major parts: the analytical service and the advertising engine. Plans for both are different as well. Here are the pricing plans for Finteza:

Analytical Service Advertising Engine 
Up to 100K visitors per month for free. If you have a steady 90K a month, you don’t pay. Then it counts at a rate of $25 per 100K monthly visitors. Up to 100K visitors per month for free. More than that is charged at a rate of $4 per 100K impressions. 
Controls traffic qualityLaunch ad campaigns
Measure online efficiencyCreate ad banners
Analyze audienceConfigure targeting and retargeting


Finteza can prove to be a game changer for your business as the detailed reports of your online performance help you identify the strong and weak areas of your firm to make better decisions.

By better understanding and studying your audience, you can streamline and manage your marketing campaigns more efficiently using Finteza analytics.

You surely want to take advantage of your critical customer data. Hence, implementing and taking the help of an automated analytical tool will help you analyze your site traffic, detect profit-hampering issues, and build conversion funnels for maximized ROI.

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