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ChainPress – Financial WordPress Business Blog Theme

ChainPress Financial WordPress Business Blog Theme

Meet ChainPress, the Financial WordPress Business Blog Theme that features a thought-through design and must-have features for any crypto and news website. Apart from being a very flexible blog and online magazine WordPress theme, ChainPress includes cryptocurrency widgets and plugins, online donation system, header & footer builder, color scheme customizer, and many other unique features.

The theme would be a great solution for any online publication website, especially if it focuses on financial news, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin news, market analysis, investment advice, and other financial topics.

Thanks to a large number of theme settings and options, you can tailor various aspects of your theme and make it look according to your preference. Customize the appearance of your blog page, header and footer layouts, color scheme, and much more. Let’s examine some of the most outstanding features of ChainPress in detail.

Versatile Blog & Magazine Layouts


ChainPress features a large number of blog layouts to showcase your content beautifully. You can easily arrange your pages and decide how you want to display your content using the visual interface of the Elementor page builder.


Customize your blog style, choose the number of columns, the length of the excerpt, the position of sidebar, pagination style, and many other parameters. You can change the settings of your main blog page directly in the WordPress Customizer and view changes in real time.

Crypto Widgets & Plugins

ChainPress features several popular cryptocurrency widgets and plugins that help you display the latest information regarding digital currency trends. The theme is fully integrated with the Cryptocurrency All in One plugin, which enables you to create feature-rich crypto news and magazine.


Showcase the currency ticker at the top bar of your website, display a table with the most popular cryptocurrencies, as well as a graph of a particular currency of your choosing.

Online Donation System


Receive donations online easily using the integrated donation system powered by Give. You can create the unlimited number of donation goals and campaigns, view the donor statistics and have an overview of all the donation activity. Moreover, you can accept payments with 0% commission from the donation platform.


You can also display a donation QR code directly in your sidebar or any other widget area, such as header or footer. Your visitors can copy the BitCoin wallet address, or scan the QR code.

Financial Homepage


ChainPress is a great choice not only for cryptocurrency news and magazines but for the financial blog as well. In order to demonstrate it to you, we’ve created a separate homepage dedicated to financial market news that features a different color scheme. You can easily change the color scheme of the entire website in your settings panel.

‘Sponsored’ Posts & Quick Polls


Highlight specific posts with a ‘promoted’ badge to differentiate between ordinary and sponsored content. This helps your online publication be more transparent to your audience and disclose any affiliate type of articles.


In addition to other widget and crypto charts, you can run quick polls on your website. Your visitors can vote for a specific answer and see results of the poll. Polls are a great way to get feedback from your readers and understand their preference better.

Elementor Page Builder


ChainPress is fully integrated with the Elementor page builder, a flexible tool for creating beautiful pages in WordPress. We’ve gone beyond simple integration and added new elements as well as additional settings. Now you have dozens of new elements at your disposal, and you can use them to add even more variety to your content.

Header & Footer Builder

One of the major components we’ve added into the theme is the Header & Footer Builder. Being a natural extension of Elementor, this tool enables you to create unlimited layout variations using the Elementor’s interface. Create headers and footers using the standard means of this powerful builder, as well as take advantage of additional elements.


We’ve added such bespoke elements as menu, logo, text with an icon, search form, and more. You can create as many layouts as you need, and display them in various parts of your website. Additionally, you can assign a specific header or footer layout to an individual page or post.

Post Sliders


In order to make your blog layouts more engaging and emphasize a specific type of content, you can display a large post slider. It helps you highlight the most recent and popular articles and make sure they get noticed first.


ChainPress is a clean and impressive Financial WordPress Business Blog Theme. It is a great choice for an online publication that focuses on digital trends, finances, a stock market, cryptocurrency and bitcoin news. The theme features a flexible page builder, which enables you to construct pages of various kinds of complexity and customize your website to your preference.

The theme also includes a variety of awesome features, such as cryptocurrency plugins and widgets, quick polls widget, alternate color scheme, header and footer builder, donation system, and more. A large number of option and settings let you tailor various aspect of the theme to your liking. Build an amazing news and magazine website with ChainPress!

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