Translang – Translation Services & Language Courses WordPress Theme

Translang is a perfect option for translation agencies and freelance translators. Thus, thanks to Translang, you can easily showcase your portfolio and give a professional first impression. Besides, a handy order form to request translation and a get-a-quote form to request pricing make this modern theme extremely user-friendly. So, if you need to create a website of language courses, language centers or tutoring service, Translang is just the best thing for you.

Let’s learn what noteworthy features does this modern WordPress theme include. Keep your eyes open.

Why Translang?

To begin with, the visual image of your website is as important as your business. Taken into account that most of us are not professional web designers, Translang can be a perfect way to get started. As a result, you’ll be the owner of a professionally designed website which can help you stand out. Say, if you’re a freelancer, your translation website will stand out in the background of those freelancers, who simply don’t have one. Seems like a coin in your karma bank.



Services Page




Whether you know it or not, but Services Page is one of the top 3 most important pages of your website. That’s why ignore its design is at your peril. So, whether you‘rea freelancer, translation agency or language courses – you’re a service-based business. That’s why Translang comes with a clean and clear service page that offers effective services to your target audience.




Make sure your message is clear and easy to navigate. Help your everyone who lands on your website by chance choose your offerings. In addition, clear CTA buttons can help guide your visitors through your site. Don’t make them think. Make the process easy for them. Moreover, your visitors can learn about the services they’re interested in on a separate page.


Contact Page



With the help of a clean Contact Page, you can connect your business to your potential customers. It helps to ensure that your translation agency or language courses center cares about providing appropriate information for anyone who lands on your site.


Blog Functionality




The purpose of your website to attract as more natural trafficas possible. Thus, it makes sense to put more effort into promoting your blog page. A blog adds value to your website and helps gain new customers as a result. A clean blog page with a sticky content gives your visitors the confidence to trust in you and your translation agency as an expert in this industry.

Choose between multiple blog styles. Pick the one that matches your business tastes most. Moreover, you get 20+ post animations, customizable blog fees, post views, likes and sharing buttons. Simply don’t stop until you’re proud.

In fact, no one knows your business better than you? So, make it a big success. Showcase your benefits and help your visitors achieve their goals.


Team Members


Face it, there is a big difference between a pretty website and a website that causes conversions. When a visitor stumbles upon your business’s website, one of the first things he/she does is look for examples of your work. And when a visitor looks at your team page he/she feels more comfortable knowing that he/she is working with real people. On top of that, it ensures that these real people have particular skills that are required to complete your particular tasks.




It boils down to a simple fact that you can’t create a better connection with your potential customers by not implementing images. Admit it, it’s much easier to build a relationship with a business if you know who are you working with. The same idea here. Translang can help make your business more personable. What’s more, add their images in the blog section. This will definitely help you in building a great relationship with your clients.


Built-in Shortcodes


Well, the purpose of your business website is to make your visitors happy. Indeed, you’d like to showcase different types of content to gain the attention you need. That’s where shortcodes definitely can help you in on this.




Say, if it’s vital for you to showcase the list of brands your translation agency or language course center has worked with, it’s a good idea to use the shortcode that enables this.




With the help of the Pricing Table shortcode, you can create a clean pricing block to help your visitors grasp your pricing policy. Always respect the users time. Make your website easy to navigate. Don’t waste your visitor’s time. Give them the important information, they’re looking for.


Plugins Compatibility


Translang is a modern and fully responsive WordPress theme that can work in favor of your business. But, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Translang is compatible with several custom WordPress plugins to help you enhance the functionality of your website. For those who have a skill gap, Visual Composer plugin is just the thing. Thus, it gives you the freedom to create, edit, add or remove design elements, to insert shortcodes, or change any other settings. With Visual Composer, you can achieve your every desire.

That said, with the Revolution Slider, you can create beautiful sliders with animation to capture the visitor’s attention. Plus, Essential Grid plugin aims to help you create flexible image galleries. So, don’t hold the horses and turn you joy for translating into a profitable business.





Final Thoughts


Want to get people to pay attention to your translation agency or language courses center? Well, Translang can help get you started. Imagination is your only limit. Make your modern website the main tool for promoting your translation services on the web market. Translang is a user-friendly WordPress theme that can make your dreams come true. Don’t be afraid to start small and grow later. Take time to explore the power of Translang. There are much more noteworthy features you just can’t pass on.