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Our Addiction Center WordPress Theme is aimed at facilities that help people cope with and recover from their unhealthy habits, start living a better life and become productive members of society. The topic of addiction is extremely important nowadays since we’re facing more and more ways people can get hooked on various stimulating activities, be it alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.

Pinevale, and that is the name of our addiction clinic WordPress theme, is a great choice for all kinds of medical and rehab centers, support groups, therapies and consultancies that focus on bringing people together and helping them fight their addiction.

Interest in Addiction Centers Grows Steadily on the Web

As you can see from the graph above, the relevance of addiction centers is gradually growing. Over the course of the last 5 years, the interest in addiction centers has grown almost twofold, which means more and more people are searching for an addiction center online. Unless you have an addiction center website already, you’re missing out big on opportunities to attract new customers.

Building a Website vs Creating a Facebook Page

You may think why would I need to build a website if people can find me on Facebook anyway. Well, that’s a good point, however having a website doesn’t mean you should abandon any additional traffic sources. Quite the contrary, your website will be a great addition to your Facebook page, a place where people can get further information about your business and even order your services online.

Although having a business Facebook page is awesome, and is definitely required for a successful online business, having a website is equivalent to taking your game to the next level.

You’ll be the owner of an independent place on the web, i.e. your website, where you are in control of everything, and not dependant on any third-party requirements, as it may be the case with Facebook. You can grow your traffic with SEO strategies, analyze conversion rates, install additional components (e.g. live chat), and do many other nifty experiments that can grow your business faster.

Why Pinevale Addiction Center WordPress Theme

What’s special about Pinevale Addiction and Rehab Theme is that it was developed based on real case studies and rehab clinic websites. We’ve done a meticulous research and identified components that are common among the majority of addiction center websites, which you might want to implement on your site as well.

Some of these components include basic stuff, such as services or an FAQ section. Services are a great way to highlight the major advantages of your company over competition and let people see from a single glance why you’re special.


Also, a special emphasis is made on treatment programs, which are key in every addiction center website. Each program is aimed at specific type of patients to solve their particular problems. The theme enables you to create and customize as many treatment programs as you need, displaying details about each of them.


Each individual page of a treatment program (or service if you will) can contain additional information about the program, its coordinators, a link where people can register online, etc.


Testimonials and Success Stories

As we dug deeper, we’ve found out that rehab clinics make a special emphasis on testimonials of their patients. After all, helping people to cope with their addiction is the main goal of an addiction center, that’s why displaying success stories from patients deserves special attention.


As a result, alongside with our standard testimonials block, we’ve decided to include a plugin which allows you to add testimonials in a form of client reviews. It lets you have a beautiful dedicated page to reviews from your clients, where people can leave their words of gratitude and ‘thank you’ notes.


Online Donation System

Another major part of the functionality that we wanted to implement in Pinevale was some sort of online donation system. We wanted you to have a built-in tool for accepting donations that would work out-of-the-box, without the need for you to search and integrate it yourself.


Luckily, such a tool exists, and that is Give donation plugin. Made available to you by the good folks at GiveWP, the plugin is a free solution that lets you receive donations online, manage donors, view donation statistics. and much more. From our part, we’ve made sure that design of all donation forms looks beautiful and consistent with the theme.  

Photo Tour & Image Gallery


In order to encourage customers to visit your establishment, it’s often a smart move to display an image gallery with photos of the interior of your clinic. This kind of image gallery can be created using the Essential Grid plugin, that comes integrated with the theme as well. Display beautiful images from your addiction center and encourage potential customers to make an appointment at your center as soon as possible.

Slider Revolution


Another feature that stands out in Pinevale is its slider, namely Slider Revolution. We’ve included the industry leading WordPress slider plugin for you to create beautiful slides and hero areas on your website. The slider lets you play around with a variety of elements, be it text blocks, shapes, images, buttons, etc., so that you could bring your message across in a memorable way.

Events Calendar


Are you running events and want your audience to be informed about them on your website? It’s easy with the Events Calendar plugin. This tool lets you create the unlimited number of events and display them in a calendar or list view. Each event can contain such information as date and time when it takes place, the name of the organizer, location, and many other details.


We’ve developed Pinevale to be an optimal solution for your addiction center website. We think the theme is also a great choice for clinics, support groups, rehab centers, and any other addiction treatment establishments that help people to fight with drug addiction, substance abuse, mental health problems, etc.

The theme includes such features as two types of testimonial sections, photo gallery, online donation system, events calendar, services and treatment programs, and many more. The theme is aimed at developing a solid and reliable website for your addiction rehab establishment.

Check out our Addiction Center WordPress Theme now, and start building your website!










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