Smart Casa – Home Technologies and Automation WordPress Theme

Smart home technologies are becoming more and more popular, and the world of gadgets and electronics steadily integrates into our everyday lives. That’s why we want to introduce our next project named Smart Casa, a WordPress theme for smart home technologies and home automation.

The theme features an elegant design with bright highlighting colors and eye-catching typography. From the technical point of view, Smart Casa includes a set of premium tools that enable you to take advantage of the most advanced features of the WordPress platform. The plugins include Essential Grid, Slider Revolution, WPBakery Page Builder, WooCommerce, and more.

Smart Casa is a fully responsive theme, which means you can view it both on large and small screen sizes. If you’re expecting a lot of traffic coming from mobile devices, Smart Casa has got you covered. Let’s take a look at the theme’s features in detail and see what other great advantages it brings to the table.

Slider Revolution

Probably the most feature-rich and customizable plugin out there is Slider Revolution. It has everything. From the ability to add different layers, such as shapes, text, images, buttons, to animations and other visual effects, the functionality of the plugin is as if there was Photoshop baked into your WordPress admin panel.

Slider Revolution is a must-have tool if you’re planning to add enticing sliders or hero areas to your website. The tool is also great for creating carousels of all kinds and shapes.

Essential Grid Gallery


A large role for showcasing products, especially if we’re talking about tech gadgets and systems, is of course images. With the help of Essential Grid’s image galleries, you can show off your products easily. The plugin provides you with several display styles, such as standard grid, masonry, and cobbles.



Services, advantages, features, – you can call them whatever you want, but they are another integral element for almost any online business. The services shortcode is a great way to introduce benefits of your product or service in the easiest way to understand format.

With Smart Casa, you can control the output of your services by choosing the category or tag based on which you want to show them, the number of services to show, their order, and more.



Display the reviews of your customers and clients with the help of our testimonials widget. By displaying reviews of your real clients, you increase credibility towards your business, and therefore conversion.

With Smart Casa, displaying testimonials is extremely easy thanks to built-in custom post type. Simply add required testimonials in your admin panel (the same way you add standard posts), and display them via a shortcode in any place of your website.

WPBakery Builder


Page builders are critically important to WordPress since they provide you with ways to add various types of content to your site and display them in multiple columns. Essentially, they are responsible for all the beautiful layouts you can see on WordPress websites.

Thanks to the WPBakery Page Builder, you have the ability to edit and customize your pages the way you see fit. The builder supports a large number of shortcodes and extensions that help you make your website more engaging and easy to use. WPBakery also supports both frontend and backend editing modes, which is useful for users of different levels of experience.

Header & Footer Builder


Header & Footer Builder is an extremely useful addition to the WPBakery builder, which lets you create and customize, you guess it, headers and footers. The best part is that you can build them the same way you build pages.

The builder provides you with the same shortcodes that are available when you build pages, however, it also adds a set of custom ones, built specifically for headers and footers. These custom shortcodes include such elements as the logo, menu. shopping cart, breadcrumbs, and many other components that are used in header and footer layouts.


E-commerce Store with WooCommerce



Another advantage of the Smart Casa theme is that you can use it as a platform to sell things online. Thanks to the full integration with WooCommerce, you can take advantage of this free e-commerce engine, and create an online store without any additional expenses. WooCommerce is a popular solution for e-commerce sites built with WordPress, which powers hundreds of thousands of websites worldwide.


Variety of Blog Layouts


Smart Casa includes several different blog layouts to choose from. Each layout can be additionally customized by selecting the number of columns, position of sidebar, pagination style, post animation, and more. All the customizations are made via WordPress Customizer, which enables you to preview changes quickly, without reloading your page.

Final Thoughts

Smart Casa is a beautiful and feature-rich WordPress theme for smart home technologies, gadgets, and home automation. The theme is powered by such popular plugins as WPBakery, Slider Revolution, Essential Grid, and WooCommerce, which all come bundled with Smart Casa for free. Thanks to responsive design, the theme looks great across a wide range of devices and screen sizes. Learn more about the theme on it’s details page on ThemeForest.